Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hello All

Hi yall. Yes that is how I talk in real life.
This is a new blog im starting to talk about things that are important to me. Yes I might post about other things but most things will be what I am into.

You ask why should you care what I am into? well i dont know. But you shouldn't be too bored. I am in to tons of things. truly. sadly i rarely finish. Im hoping this might help me with that. If im talking and blogging about it, makes me more determined to finish it. After all i dont want complete strangers knowing how lamely i cant finish things.

So lets get some facts about me out of the way shall we? First. I live in oklahoma city, ok. I have lived here almost my entire life! i have lived a couple years in Missouri and Kansas.
i have two siblings my blood and about 3-4 step siblings. i am the oldest of all of them. i have no kids and i truly dont see me having any.
i do own 3 cats and a puppy - zen, chibi, karma, and the puppy is asia

I right now live with my boyfriend Nate, very hot guy. He is not sweet. lol. he can be when he decides to. but normally he a big jerk and a bully ( not physical or anything, just what i say when he being stubborn or making me mad). We fight, i like that, sometimes lol.

My mother died back in 2007 and my father is still alive.

Yes i know reading this part is boring but it will help you know stuff about me as it comes in without me having to always explain.

I am into tons of things as i stated, from video games to books, to making candles and beaded jewelry, cooking and attempting to draw anime . I love Japan, i mean not just anime, but all things Japanese. i also have some weird phobias, fear of zombies number one. I will tell you now. that checking to make sure i have the right grammer will never be my top priority. I will try to make sure to do spelling checks.

So there, that is most of the main facts about me. anything else post a comment and ill respond.
so with all that out of the way we can now just let me ramble in my happy way and see what comes out right?

thank you all
love sandy bunny

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