Monday, April 5, 2010

Hot and Humid

i dont like it any time the weather says Hot and Humid and i dont have an ac around. Yes i know its not very green of me. and im ok with that. i dont like hot and humid, give me dry heat, or a nice rainy day, but dont  do some half way point.

i shouldnt worry, oklahoma is a bipolar state when it comes to weather, so if im lucky something will push it one way or the other today instead of waiting for our possible rain day tommrow.

But, either way cant take the chance, and since my apt complex is on a power trip at the moment and wont turn on anyones ac (though im sure the apt manger is enjoying it) i am out to buy a window unit for my living room. which means the rest of the house will be a sauna (funny cause i was totaly thinking of going ot one) and my living room will be an oasias.

i dont know about the other states ,but our sears has one for 98 bucks. which is cheaper then walmart. probably not the cheapest but hey im hot and i have to drive the bfs car that likes to break down, instead of my van (fuel pump out he working on it today) so i want to stay realtivly close to home.

i skipped school today (one class computer software) i shouldnt i know, and i like to say, oh i stayed up late, or oh my timer didnt go off. Nope i woke up and had plenty of time, i was just way to hot and tired already at this time of teh day.

Not that i need to go to class, we dont learn anyting in it. i mean he assigns us chapters to read and such and i do them at home and  do the homework and so on so there is nothing for me to do in class really. except on test day.

well i have to cut this short, just took the puppy outside  to pee and she made me chase her so now im hot so im going to go get our air conditionair now lol

talk again later

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