Thursday, April 8, 2010

procrastination - makes it better

As you can see i am living up to the statement by blogging instead of cleaning, doing school work, working on any number of projects i set up and so on. everyone says they just need motivation to get it done. i have plenty of motivation . i just am plane lazy sometimes. Though i will agree with lots of people , that when you have tons of things to do, it overwhelms you and you end up doing nothing.

I admire those people who can hop up in the morning, exercise, go to work, come home clean, answer and reply to emails, talk to people they missed on the phone and check ot make sure their bills and everything is up to date all in one day and then do it all over again. im lucky if i accomplish all of that in a week!

I dont know why, im not tired..well kinda but lol ya know it more of a lazy tired. like right now i could clean the house. but im like ill do it after i do some stuff on the computer, and yet i start to do stuff on the computer and im like no wait ill check this and this first then ill do work. in the end i spend the day either playing WoW and facebook ,or reading a book and watching tv.. lol it so sad! i need someone to hang out and just make me go.

Which is why as soon as N8 the great fixes my van, im going to join a gym so that i feel more motivated because im paying for it.
As for cleaning the house well guess ill just have to force my self!

In fact during this blog iv gotten up and wanderd around the house and on the internet several times. Maybe its a massive attack of my ADD and i just cant focus for long on soemthing or maybe giving my brain a break to finish typing who knows.

i did finish one thing, last night i made a really cool ring.
neat huh? my first time making one using this type of wire. normal i weave the seed beads, or i wire wrap so awesome for me yes?

What are some ways yall make yourself do stuff? give me some pointers! lol

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